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Piano recital programs: live improvisations and original compositions


Improvising the Future

An improvised performance, created entirely in the moment. During improv, the fingers operate in the present, while the mind is a bit ahead in the future, balancing composing and playing, structure and fantasy.

Free Improvisation: Into the Clear Blue Sky


Ambiro’s Journey

Inspired by the music and narrative story of Noam’s solo piano improvisation album, each live performance goes from this starting point on a slightly different journey. 

Classical Improvisations 

In a creative dialogue with familiar musical languages, Noam improvises in various styles, including baroque, classical, romantic, impressionist, expressionist, and more.

Baroque Improvisation

Improvised Romantic Fantasy

Improvised Sonata

Actors of the Mind

An evening of Noam’s short piano vignettes.

Ballades, Serenades, and Dreams

Noam performs a selection of his solo piano compositions from the past twenty years.

The Classics Reimagined

Presenting improvised takes on established classics. These ‘cover versions’ interweave the original motives, rhythms, and harmonies in a live compositional laboratory, leading to new and creative interpretations. 

Improvisation on Bach's Goldberg Variations

Improvising on Paganini


Tunes Galore

Wild piano improvisations on famous melodies suggested by the audience, while finding surprising musical connections between the most disparate themes.

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