Ambiro's Journey

Are you ready to embark on a soul-searching journey? In this wordless musical story, the protagonist, Ambiro (‘ambire’ = ‘to aspire’ in Italian), breaks out from his confined self into a string of life-changing experiences. The album contains over 70 minutes of improvised solo piano music, created and performed in real-time, and recorded in a single unedited take. The spontaneous flow of the music blends within the planned narrative structure, inviting the listeners to position themselves in Ambiro’s place and imagine their own version of the story.

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Chopin & Improvisations

In this album Noam Sivan performs the Second and Third Sonatas by Chopin, among the most treasured masterpieces in the piano literature, while adding improvised preludes to both pieces, as was common during Chopin’s time. The spirit of improvisation continues in the middle section of the Second Sonata’s famous Funeral March, presented here in a richly ornamented version. Finally, Noam’s composed Fugue on Chopin’s Funeral March Theme adds another layer of interpretation, taking the somber theme on an unexpected polyphonic adventure.

Improvised prelude to the Third Sonata (excerpt) - Noam Sivan
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Third Sonata, last movement (excerpt) - Noam Sivan
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Fugue on Chopin's Theme (excerpt) - Noam Sivan
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