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Improvisation is probably the most widely practiced and surely the most ancient type of music making around the world. If music has the magical powers to break barriers between peoples, then improvisation can spark that magic. Participating in a musical improvisation, whether as listeners or improvisers, enhances the meaning of ‘live’ performance in the true sense of the word: the music is being created in real time. Process and result are merged. We experience both at once.  

Master's Degree in Piano Improvisation

Professor Noam Sivan and the University of Music and Performing Arts Stuttgart, Germany (HMDK Stuttgart), invite you to apply for a Master's degree in Piano Improvisation.


This is one of the first such programs worldwide offered for classically trained pianists!


The two-year program, which begins in October 2020, enables pianists to improvise in a wide range of solo styles – baroque, classical, romantic, impressionistic, and various 20th- and 21st-century styles, as well as to develop their own personal voice. Additionally, they will participate in chamber improvisations and interdisciplinary collaborations with performing artists in other fields, which can include drama, dance, voice, puppet theater, and more. Graduates of the program will emerge with knowledge, skills, valuable practical experience, and a clear vision for the role of improvisation in their music making and in our society. They will truly be ambassadors of improvisation in the world.  

Application deadline: April 15, 2020. 

Application details in English

Application details in German

Program details in English 

Program details in German

Program page on HMDK website in English

Program page on HMDK website in German

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Piano Improvisation & Nature Videography

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